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Sound and audio-evacuation

The conventional systems of evacuation (lights and alarms) can cause confusion and panic, putting in risk the people safety. Audio-evacuation systems emit automatic messages according to the type of emergency and its location, indicating the best way out and thus facilitating an organized evacuation. We offer solutions for paging, mood music, institutional messages, auditoriums, conference…
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Fires protection

We call protection Fire Protection, the combination of all the passive and active actions developed in any kind of building that will protect them against fires. These actions should be according the local and international laws and codes. All the active and passive actions of fire protection are focused on the following aspects: Save human…
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Automation & Security

The Building Automation Systems (BAS) allows the operation, supervision and management inside one technological platform of every possible services or electronic and electromechanical systems of a building; fulfilling energetic efficiency, operative efficiency and security of the infrastructure and of the people occupying it. A BAS is the combination between hardware and software tools which allow…
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